Karen Montoya

Executive recruiter

Karen was born in Torrance and raised in Carson, California. Growing up her parents instilled in her the belief that if there was a will, there was always a way to make what she wanted happen. She found passion in competitive sports, music and helping others throughout her childhood and into college. 

After graduating from Carson High school she attended California State University, Long Beach where she later received both her Bachelors and Masters in Social Work. During her time at CSULB Karen took on several leadership positions and internships that allowed her to really understand the impact she wanted to make in her community. She plans on running her own non profit organization which will allow her to be an advocate and educator to underprivileged children and their families. 

Karen saw a great opportunity that would allow her to expand her knowledge when it came to running a business. She is excited to be able to take on the task of helping to build a company from the ground up and ensuring its success. 

Outside of work Karen tries to experience life to its fullest by spending time with her family and friends, going to concerts, and traveling to find the best places to eat and see. 

Matthew Kincade

Matthew believes that the opportunities that this business has to offer will teach him the skills needed to be successful and get him to where he wants to be.

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