Jeffrey Lopez

CEO and Founder

Jeffrey was born in Northridge, California and raised in a sector of Los Angeles called Koreatown. Growing up his parents worked numerous hard labor jobs to help support their family. Seeing what his parents did for him and his brother he knew he had no choice but to be successful and show them that their sacrifices were worth everything to him. 

In high school, Jeff played competitive football where he developed his passion for a high performance lifestyle. Through discipline and hard work, he grew to understand that if you can teach people how to think right, everything is possible. 


Jeff then continued his education at California State University, Long Beach. While attending CSULB, he knew that he wanted to pursue a degree in Business because he loved the idea of being able to be his own boss and helping other get to where they wanted to be. After acquiring his degree, he decided not to take the conventional route of working for corporate America, but to fully invest in his own personal growth. He found a consulting firm that fit with his values and beliefs.  During this process he was promoted to assistant manager, to now opening his own business, Iron Will Consulting. Inc. 

Jeffrey is an entrepreneur, people developer, and a huge advocate of growth. Overall, he believes that in order to free others of financial, mental and physical hardships you yourself must become free. 

Karen Montoya

Outside of work Karen tries to experience life to its fullest by spending time with her family and friends, going to concerts, and traveling to find the best places to eat and see. 

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