Johnathan Solorzano

Senior Account Manager

Johnny was born in Montebello, California and lived in Las Vegas, Nevada before he moved to Yuma, Arizona where he spent most of his childhood. Upon graduating high school, Johnny began working alongside his family with their business, while simultaneously attending Arizona Community College. Between both, Johnny quickly discovered his passion for dance, through the AWC Dance Team. During his time with the dance team he became Captain and then later Coach and Choreographer! 

Johnny ultimately would love to open his own dance studio that will allow children to receive lessons that may not be affordable to them in other places.  He wants to create the opportunity to discover talent  and believes that children should have a safe creative place where they can express and find greatness within themselves. Johnny believes that the career path he’s on with Iron Will Consulting, Inc. will be the tipping point to making his dreams and passion a reality!

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